Friends of Miami Parks

Miami’s parks should be protected and well-kept for everyone to enjoy!

Wasting our tax dollars on things we don’t want!

The City of Miami will have a Community Meeting on 

Wednesday, August 21, 2019, at 6:30 PM, in Morningside Park, 

to discuss their proposed General Plan.

This plan was launched with a promise that it would be based on public input.  But instead of fixing the pool, as the public overwhelmingly asked for, draft #4 of the plan calls for demolishing the pool, then building a new pool where the softball field is!

Fixing the pool was previously estimated at $4 million, 

a new pool $6 to 8 million.

Morningside Pool has been closed for four summers, in need of repair.

The City of Miami spent $149,000 on engineering studies that say the pool can and should be fixed – but nothing happened.

Why?   It’s the City of Miami.

If the City had maintained the pool properly it would still be open.  Instead, they’d rather waste money demolishing it and  building a new pool.

Please help us get this pool fixed and opened again for EVERYONE to enjoy.  Our kids need swimming lessons, pool fun and summer camp recreation.  Adults want lap swimming, aqua aerobics and more.

Learning to swim is a life safety skill !

A petition asking for the pool to be fixed 

has gathered 2,100 signatures!

Morningside Pool serves everyone, not just the Morningside neighborhood.  

65.81% of replies to a Morningside survey want the pool fixed.

What can you do to help?

Email City of Miami Officials to fix Morningside Pool!

Tell them the engineers and consultants are clear:  Morningside Pool can and should be fixed, and the community wants the pool fixed. 

Read the Engineering Report: 

Notice the conclusion on page 17: 

“the pool is salvageable and does not warrant a full reconstruction”

The Morningside Park General Plan: 

The City of Miami hired a consultant for the specific purpose of evaluating Morningside Park for sea level rise, at a cost of $88,675.02.  

Draft #3 of the plan recommends protecting the shoreline 

and renovating the pool. 

Notice that the title page says: 

"Final Public Review Meeting   January 24, 2019”. 

But that public review meeting never took place!   

Why not?  Who quashed it, and why?

Was it because the plan calls for renovating the existing pool? 

 Fifteen pages show the pool renovated in place:

15, 16, 17, 22, 23, 24, 25, 28, 29, 30, 33, 34, 40, 47, 48.

Pages 22, 23 and 41 specifically state, “Renovate Pool”.

Page 44 shows results of neighborhood survey: 

65% say the pool should be repaired.

Only one page (49, the last page) shows the pool 

in a different location.

Pages 19 and 20 show proposed shoreline protections.

Fix Morningside Pool!

Miami Mayor Chelsie Senerchia presides over the opening ceremony for Morningside Park and Pool, June 13, 1953.

Fix Morningside Pool!